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Recruitment & RPO

Retained Executive Search ( High Circle )

Retained Executive Search consulting is appropriate for :

• Hiring Top-Level Executives
• Remuneration as per Industrial Standard
• When the challenge is to hire not just any qualified person but most qualified and appropriate person

Bulk Recruitment Through Advertisement

• Design creative and informative advertisements
• End-to-end service with comprehensive feedback
• Around the Globe network enables quick processing response
• Service includes bulk recruitment through advertisement / data bank within project time frame
• Analysis and MIS reports, service is well suited for start ups, new project manning, plant expansion

Recruitment Process Outsourcing ( RPO )

• Seasoned account managers from GENIUS work with CLIENT
• The process is either on-site or off-site
• Achievement of large scale staffing goals within time-frame
• GENIUS works with Client's HR Team to optimize your current process
• Focused and integrated approach with flexibility, effective strategy, business expertise and powerful search capabilities


Benefits to Clients

• Single Window Contact
• Implementation of minimum wages
• Manpower availability at all times
• Help Clients to concentrate on core areas
• Reducing internal hiring cost
• Client homepage
• Issue appointment letters
• AOP - Associate Orientation Program
• No permanency claim
• Easy online access to Associate details
• Online Bills making the process faster
• Labour Law Management

Benefits to Associates

• Induction Program
• Company Manual, Policy, Guidelines, Appointment Letters
• Appointment letters
• Single Window Contact for all Associates deputed at a location
• Personal records for individual associates
• Insurance coverage - Mediclaim / Personal Accident
• Associate homepage
• Sense of belongingness as an employee of GCL
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Background Check

Benefits of Background Check

• Employee turnover and job dissatisfaction reduced.
• Control on Hiring expenses and Training Costs.
• Minimizing Low Productivity & Performance Issues.
• Avoiding Risk of Frauds & Litigations.

Why Ingenious info web ?

• Already into Recruitment Services.
• Specialized in Background Verification.
• Fast Accurate and Cost effective.
• Does the BCVS for its own Employees.
• Specialized Staff.
• Around the Globe Network.

Type of Verification

• Residential Verification
• Educational Verification
• Professional Verification
• Reference Check
• Criminal Record Check
• Personal Verification
• Pre-Employment Medical Screening

Campus Hiring

On-Campus Hiring
Ingenious info web provides end-to-end campus hiring solutions offering campus liaison, on-campus computer based assessments, interview coordination, offer roll-out and joining formalities.

Ingenious info web' Assessment Team is capable of providing Assessment Solutions on-campus for any specific corporate needs. The team ensures smooth and perfect delivery of computer–based assessment in the most hostile environments while automated result generation and short–listing tools ensure accurate and speedy selection.

Off-Campus Hiring
Ingenious info web off-campus hiring solutions have been used to hire over 7,500 engineers in 2011 alone. The end-to-end solution offers pan-India sourcing, candidate coordination, computer based assessment infrastructure, scientific assessments, interview coordination and joining formalities.

Ingenious info web can help run off-campus hiring on fresh sourcing and assessments or through a large database of pre-assessed talent. The latter allows just in time hiring where a few 100 individuals could be hired in a matter of few days.

Our relationships with institutions, colleges, training centres help us arrange for large infrastructure across the country to conduct assessments and interviews – enabling us to assess 1000s of candidates over a weekend. The entire process is managed by our trained on-ground team ensuring smooth delivery.

The quality of hiring is ensured using AMCAT and National talent norms.


We have ventured into developing talent through world class skill up-gradation boot camps and certifications to skilled candidates as per their relevant competencies so, to enhance and promote their career further and to provide the required knowledge and grooming which is a must in today´s global workplace scenario.

We use world class infrastructure and high end support systems and on the edge technology to deliver advanced education that is structured as per the latest trends and innovations in the global workplace scenario.

Traditional Approach – Most of the organizations before never used to believe in training. They were holding the traditional view that managers are born and not made. There were also some views that training is a very costly affair and not worth. Organizations used to believe more in executive pinching. But now the scenario seems to be changing.

The principal objective of training and development division is to make sure the availability of a skilled and willing workforce to an organization. In addition to that, there are four other objectives: Individual, Organizational, Functional, and Societal.

Individual Objectives – help employees in achieving their personal goals, which in turn, enhances the individual contribution to an organization.

Organizational Objectives – assist the organization with its primary objective by bringing individual effectiveness.

Functional Objectives – maintain the department’s contribution at a level suitable to the organization’s needs.

Societal Objectives – ensure that an organization is ethically and socially responsible to the needs and challenges of the society.

Payroll Processing

Need for Payroll Outsourcing

• Processing payroll is taking up too much time
• Erroneous and late filing result in penalties.
• It is a headache to keep a track of various changes in rules
• Benefit prgrams of complex nature cannot be implemented.
• It is difficult to keep and organize all records.

Common mistakes in Payroll Processing

• Setting up Payroll Incorrectly.
• Forgetting to record in paper checks.
• Submitting deposits late or incorrectly.
• Neglecting to run payroll on time.
• Compliance differ location-wise.
• Non-Confidentiality & Data Leakage.

Compliance Management

Statutory Compliance Management has been one of our forte for than a decade. We work with more than 200 corporate houses and multinational companies covering over 34000 employees across the country ensuring that they are fully compliant with central and state specific regulations.

• Transactional Compliance Management
• Compliance Advisory Services

This approach ensures Statutory Compliance both from the organisational perspective as well as from employees' perspective, safe guarding rights and interests.

What we do?

• Statutory Compliance Audit
• HR & Statutory Due Diligence
• Statutory Benefit Administration
• Statutory Advisory Services
• To minimize the risk of negligent- hiring lawsuits.

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